What is a Micron Rating in Filtration?

What is a Micron Rating in Filtration?

Comparison of Micron Ratings
Source: Visual Capitalist

When looking at our hydraulic filter technical specifications you may notice each part has a Micron Rating (µ), but what is this?

A micron or micrometre is 1×10−6 of a metre also written as 0.000001m, in filtration the Micron rating is the minimum particle size the media will filter and is determined by the Beta Rating at that size.

For example a filter could be β1000 at 10µ and so will allow 1 in every 1000 particles of 10µ to pass through however, it could also be described at β2 at 3µ and so will allow 1 in every 2 particles of 3µ to pass through. Because of this it is very important to understand both the micron and Beta Rating of an element to see how efficient it will be when used in the application.

When comparing a FilterFinder part always check the Beta Rating to ensure you are not only getting the correct micron rating, but also a hydraulic filter element with a high efficiency to prevent uneccesary damage to your hydraulic system.