Process Filtration


Process Filtration

Filtration is one of the most important factors in any system containing liquid or gas, it is critical in preventing breakdowns and maintaining efficiency. For this reason, we offer our range of process filters to ensure you always run at your peak performance.

We supply our process filters into a variety of industries and applications, from making sure your cars run clean removing contaminants from petroleum to keeping the taps flowing by ensuring the correct amount of yeast in beer, we have you covered.

Process Filters

Where we Supply Process Filters

Industrial Applications

Cleanliness of fluid is very important in industrial applications to prevent machine breakdown and provide a quality product in cases of manufacturing.

Our filters have been used in the automotive industry for cooling machinery and cleaning components ensuring a high quality final product, also in power production for cleanliness of water in uses of cooling and the release of steam into the atmosphere.

Process Filters for Automotive


As we know cleanliness is vital in the pharmaceutical and medical industry for preventing infection and ensuring a clean work surface for the patient.

Our filters have are used in the dental industry, filtering water used to clean the patients mouth, to veterinary preventing contaminants and bacteria from being present in open wounds.

Process Filters for Pharmaceutical

Food & Beverage

Process filtration is extremely important in the food & beverage industry to ensure the cleanliness of what we consume.

An example of this is our supplying into the brewery industry with filtration being used to control the flavour, stability, appearance and shelf life of the product to make sure the customer recieves a great pint.

Food & Beverage


Ensuring homes and residential areas receive a safe, potable drinking water is essential for public safety.

Filtration is used in these cases to remove contaminants, prevent scaling, soften water and prevent buildup of detergents which have the potential to cause harm.


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