Hydraulic Filtration


Hydraulic Filtration

Hydraulic filters are a critical component in any hydraulic system, the purpose of these filters is to clean and maintain hydraulic fluid, oil and other liquids which may have become contaminated from wear, external particles or simply a bad quality fluid.

Most housings or elements have a part number on either the outside of the housing or endcap, see image, from which you can recognise the part.

Using our search bar at the top of the page simply enter the part number you’re looking for and this will cross-refer to our unique FilterFinder part number.

Endcap of Hydraulic Filters

Types of Hydraulic Filters

Spin-On Filters/Cans

Spin on filters are the most common type of hydraulic filter and are mainly used on low to medium pressure power packs.

Spin ons are used in a variety of industries and are a quick simple solution to ensuring oil cleanliness.

Return Filters

Return filters are a great cost-effective way of preventing contamination, caused by wear and friction in the hydraulic system, coming back into the fluid resevoir.

They are mounted on the back end of the hydraulic system filtering the fluid just before it comes into tank generally filtering a micron rating between 10µ and 25µ and allowing for high flow rates.

Return filters can also be fitted with a bypass valve which ensures constant uninterrupted oil flow.

Pressure/Inline Filters

Pressure or inline filters are designed to protect the critical equipment within the hydraulic circuit i.e. solenoid valves. Being fitted after the pump pressure filters can work at pressures between 20 and > 400 bar with micron ratings generally between 3µ and 20µ.

Pressure filters can also be fitted with a bypass valve which ensures constant uninterrupted oil flow.

Suctions Filters/Strainers

Suction filters or strainers are mounted inside the tank to remove large particles prior to the pump and filter with micron ratings between 60µ and 300µ.

Constructed from wire mesh suctions filters are often cleanable and are generally used in conjuction with other filters in a hydraulic circuit.

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